Manual garlic grater

Green vegetable slicer for chopping small products with container.

A handy and useful little gadget that will help you grate garlic and no longer bother with a garlic jig.

Many people don't like the garlic grinder - it's hard to clean after using it and the smell from the garlic transfers to your hands, which is not very pleasant. The hand-held garlic grater is a useful kitchen accessory made of stainless steel. Thanks to it, the teeth-blades will never dull and will evenly chop garlic into a paste.

The design of the grater (namely the capsule) is designed so that you can't cut your hands. Easy to use, made in a stylish design, will look good in any kitchen! With its compact garlic grater, it can also grind ginger, chocolate and small vegetables and is a must-have in your kitchen. In order to grate your desired ingredient, you first need to peel it, then move the cap away and start grating.


  • Material: plastic/stainless steel;
  • Length: 20.5 cm;
  • Length of the grater itself: 9.5 cm
  • Width: 5.8 cm;
  • Diameter of the food hopper: 25 mm;
  • Country of manufacturer: China;

Manual garlic grater

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